Customer Feedback Prompts Re-design For Spring Safe And Sound Instructions

Profiling New Developments For Child Safety Company Concepts Of Spring
Customer Feedback Prompts Re-design For Spring Safe And Sound Instructions
Customer Feedback Prompts Re-design For Spring Safe And Sound Instructions

Spring Safe and Sound® TIPS on baby proofing & child safety at home

April 22, 2015 – New York, New York (BLUEPLANET) — Experts often point to the fact that when a company puts its customer's interests and satisfaction above its own and decides to take action when constructive criticisms are made, it begins to stand out from the crowd. This appears to be true regarding the child safety company Concepts of Spring. Recently they have produced brand new, updated installation instructions, which they claim is helping so many new customers to install their Safe and Sound magnetic safety locks onto their cupboard drawers and doors to prevent small babies and children from incurring unnecessary accidents in the home.

Recently, the company produced some interesting facts following a recent investigation into accident prevention. Their report showed that 67000 small babies and children have to be admitted to hospital every year in the USA due to ingesting a poisonous substance and that such tragedies could have been easily prevented if such child safety locks had been fitted to drawers and cabinet doors.

Their flagship product, the Safe and Sound magnetic safety lock is made in the USA to what they describe as being exacting standards and that these locks are considered to be one of the best on the market, preventing even the most determined little fingers from opening them. Conversely, their product information explains that when adults are present and it's safe to have the locks open, a simple disengage feature allows the lock to be switched off – especially when the drawers and cabinets are in frequent use. With their new, improved installation guidelines, fitting these locks appears to be a breeze, giving no reason why cabinet drawers and doors throughout a parent's whole house couldn't have these locks fitted within a relatively short time.

The directors of Concepts of Spring seem to be so grateful for the feedback customers have made, that soon they will be giving away a spare key to those who apply for them. This offer will be appearing soon but in the meantime people can view their free PDF report ( called, ‘The 7 Top Tips For Child Safety In Your Home'.

About Concepts of Spring

Concepts of Spring LLC under their Spring Safe & Sound® brand aim to provide quality products such as their Child Safety Locks ( and back them with a consumer driven buying experience. By listening to customer feedback and pro-actively improving the product and installation processes, they work with their customers to achieve this objective.

Educational information and tips on accident prevention measures are provided free to customers through safety reports that accompany their products from time to time, as well as via their website.

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Peachy Products Direct Takes Off With Neoprene Bib In Zany Zebra Style.

PPD has released its first My Baby Peach bib. Softer and more flexible than silicone, it is made of waterproof, durable and flexible neoprene.
Peachy Products Direct Takes Off With Neoprene Bib In Zany Zebra Style.
Peachy Products Direct Takes Off With Neoprene Bib In Zany Zebra Style.

Outlines the benefits and features of the My Baby Peach neoprene bib.

April 22, 2015 – Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (BLUEPLANET) — Peachy Products Direct is launching a brand new line of premium baby products, starting with the My Baby Peach neoprene bib.

The bib, which features a handy food-catching pocket ( to help take the stress out of feeding time, is made from strong, lightweight neoprene. This soft, flexible, waterproof bib ( is easy to clean, while its cute and bright design renders it appealing to both boys and girls. Peachy Products Direct offers a lifetime replacement guarantee for its range of high quality baby bibs.

A spokesperson for Peachy Products Direct said: "Feeding little ones can be messy, so it's not surprising that busy parents look out for bibs that keep their babies' clothes dry, as well as clean. While plastic and silicone bibs can do the job, those materials can also be hard and uncomfortable around a child's neck. Neoprene is a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative. Not only is it waterproof and can easily be wiped clean, it is also soft and gentle on the baby's neck, so feeding time is less likely to lead to tears."

She added that eye-catching and attractive designs are important when it comes to creating products that appeal to infants and toddlers and that Peachy Products Direct has taken this into account with its bib designs: "Kids are drawn to animals and fun patterns, and our five-year-old has put her seal of approval on our latest range of designs, available in our Amazon store.''

Made from 80% rubber and 20% polyester, neoprene can be machine washed and tumble dried. My Baby Peach neoprene bibs:

- Are suitable for babies 4+months.
- Come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
- Have an adjustable Velcro tab at the neck.

About Peachy Products Direct

Peachy Products Direct is the home of the My Baby Peach bib. Useful during the first few years of feeding, neoprene bibs ( will help reduce the stress of meal-time and clean-up.

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