HAGA Finally Unveils New Brand Name To Represent Its Heirloom Seed Products

HAGA has officially announced its new brand name and received positive feedback from the public.
HAGA Finally Unveils New Brand Name To Represent Its Heirloom Seed Products
HAGA Finally Unveils New Brand Name To Represent Its Heirloom Seed Products

HAGA Releases Non-Hybrid, GMO-Free Seeds for Survival Gardeners

November 28, 2014 – Incline Village, NV (BLUEPLANET) — Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently held a press conference to announce the new brand name for their non gmo, organic heirloom seeds.

“After careful deliberation, we have finally selected ‘Grow For It’ as the official brand name for all of our heirloom products. It will be the brand you’ll see on our forthcoming seed kits,” a spokesperson for the company stated.

HAGA’s rebranding was about three weeks in the making. Several options were considered in an effort to find that one name that accurately represents the company.

“The selection process was long and tedious because we wanted to find the best possible name to symbolize our non gmo organic heirloom seeds (http://www.amazon.com/review/R17MVD0T88EEKH/). We were also looking for something catchy to boost the fun aspect of our brand. So we came up with a short list, narrowed it down to three, and then held a vote. ‘Grow For It’ was the name that unanimously won, and everyone was pleased with the results,” said the HAGA spokesperson.

Upon news of the fresh brand name, HAGA’s fans and avid customers gave positive feedback and showed continuous support to the company.

“The previous name was good, but this new one is even better! I like how simple and catchy it is. Grow For It will certainly attract even more customers,” one heirloom seed collector said.

“I knew they would come up with something good. But whether it’s Home and Garden America or Grow For It, I will always support the company and its future endeavors,” said a long-time customer.

Starting from today, HAGA’s non gmo organic heirloom seeds and other new kits (https://twitter.com/homeandgardenUS) will be released under the Grow For It brand.

“We’re really glad that the rebranding was a success. We hope that people will keep on supporting our products—especially our 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack that’s scheduled for release at the end of this month,” the company spokesperson closed his statement.

Further details about HAGA’s rebranding and upcoming seed kits can be found on the company website.

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Kuisiware’s Salt And Pepper Grinder Set Introductory Sale Extended

New brand of kitchen and grill ware Kuisiware’s latest product, the Salt and Pepper Mill, can be purchased at 25 percent off until the first week of December
Kuisiware’s Salt And Pepper Grinder Set Introductory Sale Extended
Kuisiware’s Salt And Pepper Grinder Set Introductory Sale Extended

November 28, 2014 – Beaverton, Oregon (BLUEPLANET) — Fast rising kitchen accessories brand announced earlier today that their latest product, the 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder set, will remain on its introductory price (http://www.amazon.com/Salt-Pepper-Grinder-Set-Adjustable/dp/B00OKETTJ0/) of less 25 percent until the first week of December instead of the end of the month. The company released the Salt and Pepper Mill earlier this week and became an instant hit in the market. To avail of the 25 percent mark down, consumers can use the coupon code GRINDNOW when purchasing Kuisiware’s salt and pepper grinder set on Amazon. The product can be purchased exclusively on Amazon.

“We are happy how our salt and pepper grinder set is performing in the market even if it was released just earlier this week,” says Randy Baldwin, Kuisiware representative. “We originally planned to have it on introductory price until the end of the month, but by popular demand we will be extending the sale until the first week of December.”

The Salt and Pepper Mill manufactured by Kuisiware has a stylish design with stainless steel accents. It also has a premium quality clear acrylic construction that allows easy cleaning and refilling. The 2-in-1 product can hold up to 1.2 ounces each of salt and pepper that can last a long time. It is capable of a high performance ceramic grinding mechanism with many grades of grinding (http://www.amazon.com/Salt-Pepper-Grinder-Set-Adjustable/dp/B00OKETTJ0/).

“I am very impressed with the salt and pepper mill by Kuisiware that my husband ordered from me on Amazon,” says Belinda Sherring, 36. “It produces the finest grains of salt and pepper which helps me a lot in my cooking.”

Kuisiware’s 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder set is protected with a lifetime replacement warranty as well as a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Kuisiware is a fairly new brand of high quality kitchen products, with the main purpose of offering the best quality product at very affordable prices. What makes them different is their high quality products (http://www.kuisiware.com/our-products) and 5 stars customer support provided by their team, which is always happy to help and assist customers with any issues.

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