Protecting The Samsung S5 With Adfilic Screen Protector Now More Affordable

Tempered glass screen protector for S5 going on sale this Halloween!

October 31, 2014 – Richmond, British Columbia (BLUEPLANET) — This coming Halloween, Adfilic announces a special promotional offer on their line of electronic products on Amazon including their Tempered Glass Samsung S5 screen protector ( The company is giving away a special coupon code to their patrons and new customers which is offered for a very limited time only.

There are a lot of people who depend on smartphones to keep their schedules in check, their notes in place and their communication lines open at all times. That’s why screen protectors are instrumental in protecting the screen of the Samsung S5. With a tempered glass screen protector, the AMOLED screen will not easily get scratched, wet or broken.

The Adfilic S5 screen protector ( is made of high quality tempered glass which is ultra-thin to avoid adding bulk to the gadget. Aside from that, it is cut precisely to cover the screen of the Samsung S5 with holes for buttons and the front camera in the right areas. Some inferior products do not cover the total area of the screen or cover up the holes, button and camera of the smartphone.

When applied properly, users can avoid the bubbles that appear between the screen and the protector. Following the installation instructions properly will ensure that there will be no bubbly screen protector that could affect the display of the phone. Adfilic includes a microfiber cloth with the screen protector to be used for cleaning the screen before putting on the protective film.

An exclusive promo code will take 40% off the price of the screen protector. The Adfilic S5 screen protector coupon code is 7HB4XMYI and will end soon. This special Halloween offer is available for new and old customers. Upon checkout on Amazon, the code should be entered in order to avail of the discount on the item. Adfilic also offers other coupon codes for some of their electronic products which are also included on the Halloween sale.

About Adfilic

Adfilic is an internet marketing company dedicated to quality products along with exceptional customer service. Adfilic utilizes the vast resources of and to add a personal touch to enhance the customer's purchasing experience. Among the many high quality products they have, they also offer high rated car chargers (

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Yoga Helps Athletes With Their Daily Workout Routine

Coupling yoga with sports is becoming increasingly topic, and not without its own reasons.
 Yoga Helps Athletes With Their Daily Workout Routine
 Yoga Helps Athletes With Their Daily Workout Routine

Yoga Exercise And Weight Management

October 31, 2014 – Edison, NJ – New Jersey (BLUEPLANET) — Coupling yoga with sports is becoming increasingly topic, and not without its own reasons. While traditional training includes various methods that contribute to muscle growth and strength, much of it does not contribute to flexibility or mobility, another essential part of athletics. It is hard to find a method that contributes to both mobility and flexibility, all the while increasing core strength.

Injuries can often occur from overuse or lack of stretching, and it is very important to keep one’s body in tip-top shape, because it helps him to stay motivated. Static stretching was, for a very long time, common as the only warm-up that athletes would do. However, many athletes now find other stretching exercises, such as yoga, more successful.

Many professional athletes, after taking up yoga, have wished that they had begun sooner. Yoga can be adapted to any need, and has many different levels that can all be completed. There is absolutely nothing easy or simple about it. Moving every part of one’s body through these postures leads to strengthened muscles and added strength and stability. Through yoga, the individual is able to focus solely on their body and ensure that each part of it is in equilibrium.

Even though yoga provides many different kinds of benefits, it is most beneficial to sports that require intense strenuous activity- such as hockey, racket sports, basketball, and soccer. Especially for sports like these, practicing yoga for even 5-10 minutes daily can bring extraordinary results.

For yoga mats or other fitness accessories (, individuals can check out Elite Trend HQ (http://elitetrendhq/shop/)’s products. They provide top quality items that will help every fitness enthusiasts with their workout routine.

About Elite Trend HQ, LLC

Elite Trend HQ provides consumer products with over 18 years of experience in supplying innovative health, fitness, rolling, exercise products to the US and global markets. Elite Trend HQ ( will ensure that the consumers will get a high quality product that has a reputation for reliability and performance.

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