Mister Kitchenware Representative Shares Baking Tips On Cooking Muffins

Chris Moal of Mister Kitchenware shares to present and potential customers some basic information on how to use silicone muffin pans.
Mister Kitchenware Representative Shares Baking Tips On Cooking Muffins
Mister Kitchenware Representative Shares Baking Tips On Cooking Muffins

October 26, 2014 – Chattanooga, Tennessee (BLUEPLANET) — Bakeware from silicone is gradually becoming better known and one of these products is silicone muffin pan. Although there are some people who are hesitant to exchange their traditional metal pans for these novel bakeware, others are adventurous enough to try something new such as these very flexible muffin pans.

Chris Moal, Mister Kitchenware spokesperson, reveals very important tips on baking successfully using silicone bakeware. Mister Kitcheware is a distributor of silicone kitchen products and one of them is their 12-cup silicone muffin pan (http://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Cupcake-Stainless-Nonstick-Cupcakes/dp/B00HCK0POW/).

“In preparing the oven for baking muffins, make sure that the oven rack is placed in the middle or a little below the middle. Just remember that silicone muffin pans are not advised for use over direct flame like hot plates or gas burners,” Moal explains.

Prior to baking muffins, ensure that the oven is preheat for a minimum of 30 minutes in order to give it enough time to reach the needed temperature to bake the muffins. Moal says, “This is a very important step that other people just forget to do is simply don’t like to do.

In checking if the muffins are done, take a toothpick or a metal cake tester and insert it into the muffin’s center. When the tester or the toothpick comes clean, the muffins should already be done and ready. Moal warns, “Make sure you don’t use sharp objects like knives in checking the muffin’s doneness as these can destroy the silicone pan’s surface.”

Moal adds, “An alternative way to check if the muffins are cooked is to press on its top. When the muffin springs back, it should already be ready.”

After use, it is recommended not to use rough objects on the pan’s surface like scouring pads as it will surely destroy the silicone’s smooth surface. If using the dishwasher to clean the pan, it could leave a white residue on the surface due to the detergent. Simply rinse the muffin pan (http://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Silicon-Stainless-Nonstick-Cupcakes/dp/B00HCK0POW/) with water to remove this.

About Mister Kitchenware

Mister Kitchenware is an up incoming bake ware organization specializing in silicone bakeware (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HCK0POW (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HCK0POW/)). They supply standard kitchen products for general customers worldwide. The company is aimed at giving experts and novices alike a good experience with baking.

Chris Moal


Cell Phone Car Mount Removes The Need For Stand Alone GPS

K2R Technology Releases Device To Allow Cell Phones To Act As GPS
Cell Phone Car Mount Removes The Need For Stand Alone GPS

October 25, 2014 – Brea, California (BLUEPLANET) — Global Positioning System is an important tool for most drivers. It is especially convenient for business people who are always on the road to meet with new clients. K2R Technology creates a unique and helpful device that allows drivers to use their cell phone as a GPS tool without difficulties. The Cell Phone Car Mount (http://k2ronline.com/products/carmount/) will conveniently sit on the dashboard or windshield allowing easy view and access.

In the recent years, the market for GPS has been overtaken with smart phones. Drivers have diverted to using an integrated GPS app on their smart phones. The cell phone car mount by K2R Technology allows drivers to conveniently use their cell phones while driving, with the help of a GPS App.

“The increased functionality of cell phones will be in vain if car owners will be unable to use the device while driving,” shares Ibrahim Raidhan, Chief Executive Office for K2R Technolgy. “We designed the cell phone car mount to help car owners remove the need to buy additional devices like a GPS. They can simply mount their cell phones, open a GPS app, and drive to their desired destinations.”

There are a number of benefits when drivers prefer to use their cell phone GPS apps than get an additional GPS device. Some GPS apps are free, so depending on the need, drivers have the option to tailor fit the apps. In addition, with GPS apps on the cell phone, drivers can integrate all their business needs within one device. An affordable cell phone car mount will help make the job easier. K2R Technology’s Cell Phone Car Mount is affordable and sturdy. It has numerous features that help drivers make the most out of their cell phones.

“Our mission is to create products that add value. We are continuously looking for possibilities to make day-to-day living better.” Ibrahim Raidhan concluded.

About K2R Technology

K2R Technology (http://k2ronline.com/about/) is comprised of a multi-talented team who are committed to bringing the best products with unparalleled customer service. K2R Technology understand what customers are looking for and endeavor to make sure that the customer is at the central focal point of all of their products. They start with affordable high-quality materials to end with 100% satisfaction.

At K2R Technology they believe in providing the best solutions to technological problems.

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