Studies Reveal The Cost Of Identity Theft Exceeds That Of Other Crimes

Figures released recently by the US Department of Justice show the enormous extent of identity theft.
Studies Reveal The Cost Of Identity Theft Exceeds That Of Other Crimes

July 29, 2015 – Portland, Oregon (BLUEPLANET) — Identity theft exceeds the combined total cost of burglary ($5.2 billion), motor vehicle theft ($3.1 billion) and other theft ($5.7 billion). The average cost to victims of identity crime exceeds $2,100.00 per person according to the U.S. Department of Justice website with the total cost of identity crime exceeding $24 billion per year.

Right Out Of The Air
Identity thefts can be completed without any physical contact. The basic equipment needed to read credit card information through the air, is readily available to would-be crooks. An electronic card reader is available online for less than $100.00. Thieves could take information while standing in line behind an unsuspecting shopper.

Ways To Be Protected
A new protective sleeve manufactured and marketed by Shield Safe will prevent sensitive financial and other personal information from theft. These sleeves effectively block the ability of criminals to harvest data from the Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) that were installed on credit cards for the purpose of encrypting this same information. Protection for this is available from Shield Safe.

These RFID blocking sleeves greatly improve credit card and passport security ( This new resource provides practical protection for people from credit card fraud, identity theft and other forms of cyber security breaches. As cyber criminals are incredibly inventive it is important for everyone to be as well informed as they can be about the latest trends in theft and cyber and credit card crime.

RFID Vulnerability
RFID chips do not have their own transmission or power source. Instead they leverage the power of the reader to transmit the data. This creates vulnerability for those who carry these cards. Anne Richards of Shield Safe advises people to consider protecting their personal information from wireless theft saying, "making sure your credit cards and passports aren't stolen is obviously very important in protecting yourself from identity theft. But people should also take steps to protect themselves from digital pickpockets. A sleeve for your passport or credit card such as the Shield Safe sleeves available on Amazon ( blocks RFID signals and are an inexpensive investment to help protect your identity."

About Shield Safe

Shield Safe manufactures high quality RFID Blocking Sleeves ( for credit cards and passports. The sleeves prevent the card being scanned and personal details accessed.

Anne Richards


Customer Feedback Released For LoveArtsCrafts’ Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Reviews for the new crafting product highlight its functionality and pleasing aesthetic.

July 29, 2015 – New York, New York (BLUEPLANET) — LoveArtsCrafts has had strong sales of its new product, Ergonomic Crochet Hooks, and now the reviews are pouring in. On the whole, customers have favorably commended on the hooks’ functionality and ease-of-use, as well as their aesthetically pleasing and colorful design.

One reviewer ( highlighted how the hooks became a favorite of her grandmother, a longtime crafter who could be picky about the products she uses. Elle writes how “My mother is a long time knitter & she uses such tools to create many different things. These were definitely a great addition to what she had, because they are really A+ quality & work well with the items she creates.” The Ergonomic Crochet Hooks are also suitable for children and novice crocheters: the sizes are clearly labeled which removes the potential confusion when sorting through different sized hooks for each new project.

Another review ( of the Ergonomic Crochet Hooks discusses how the hooks work well for people with joint pain or arthritis, stating that “The best thing about these crochet hooks is that they have the soft rubbery handles that cushion your hands and don't slip. I have arthritis and tendonitis in my hands and I find these much easier to hold than traditional hard metal or plastic hooks.” This feature is unique to LoveArtsCrafts’ Ergonomic Crochet Hooks, which have rubberized grip handles that both improve the user’s grip as well as increase the comfort of the hooks, eliminating joint and arthritic pain.

LoveArtsCrafts’ founder and CEO Ann Thompson has also seen the reviews, and has responded wih pride. “I knew I had created a great product that a range of people could use and love, so it’s great to hear that the customers believe in my product as much as I do.”

About LoveArtsCrafts

LoveArtsCrafts ( is dedicated to inspiring and enabling creativity. The company's mission is to provide crochet hooks and hook sets that are exceptional quality and value. LoveArtsCrafts shares their customers' passion for creativity and their love of family and home. Excellent customer care and free resources ensure that crafters have the best tools and advice to get creative.

Ann Thompson