GetCandLED Releases New Product: Set Of 4 LED Pillar Candles With Remote Control In Graduated Sizes

Just in time for the holidays, LED Pillar Candles with remote control offer beauty, safety and convenience at an affordable price.
GetCandLED Releases New Product: Set Of 4 LED Pillar Candles With Remote Control In Graduated Sizes
GetCandLED Releases New Product: Set Of 4 LED Pillar Candles With Remote Control In Graduated Sizes

December 20, 2014 – Albany, Texas (BLUEPLANET) — GetCandLED is pleased to announce the launch of a new product: a Set of 4 LED Pillar Candles with Remote Control. Handcrafted of real wax with an LED light inside, the candles measure 2" in diameter and come in graduated heights of 2", 3", 4" and 6", attractively boxed. They are appropriate for buffet or table centerpieces, mantle displays, wedding décor, in lanterns and many other uses.

Due to the rising popularity of LED candles, GetCandLED continues expanding their product line to offer innovative, decorative lighting solutions. Amanda Huntington, Director of Marketing says, "LED Pillar Candles look like traditional candles, made from real wax with a flickering effect in the lights. The advantages are that they last much longer and there is no worry about smoke damage. The remote control ( allows the user to turn the candles on upon entering a room and off upon leaving, thereby extending battery life. Being able to operate all the candles in a room with one click is a handy plus."

According to the company LED pillar candles can be used anywhere in home, office, restaurants, schools or church. In fact, an increasing number of venues for weddings, parties, receptions, even RV parks and dormitories are banning the use of traditional flame candles and requiring the use of battery powered candles to reduce the risk of fire and other damage.

"Our new Pillar Candle Set ( is smaller than some similar sets, making them more versatile. They can be placed around a bathtub or on a buffet, dining or banquet table to provide an attractive centerpiece without overcrowding the space or hindering conversation," states Huntington. "They flicker, making them look very much like traditional candles."

Unlike traditional candles, though, LED pillar candles are smoke and flame free. The risk of damage or injuries from melted wax is reduced, as LED candles stay cool to the touch while in use. This makes them safe for use in arrangements with fabrics and cut, dried or artificial floral materials.

LED Pillar Candles are long lasting; the batteries can burn up to 100 hours. Replacement batteries are easily available in any department or electronics store at an affordable price. The LED bulbs last for up to 200,000 hours, so users can expect years of service from the candles; and they are eco-friendly with zero carbon footprint.

About GetCandLED

GetCandLED promotes the use of LED Tea Lights and Candles ( for their safety and energy efficiency. Enjoy the warm glow of candles in safety and security.

Amanda Huntington


Impending Job Scarcity Due To Technology Looms – AAEP Offers Potential Haven For Workers

The Rapid Advancement Of Technology May Soon Put Workers In A Precarious Position In Terms Of Job Availability – AAEP Means To Address The Problem
Impending Job Scarcity Due To Technology Looms – AAEP Offers Potential Haven For Workers

December 20, 2014 – Jacksonville, Florida (BLUEPLANET) — Discussions regarding the possibility of being replaced by machines in the work sector have been around since the concept of machines came about, but it would seem that this time there is some cause for concern. Already the service, therapeutic, medical and even journalism fields have provided examples of machines taking over responsibilities that used to be done by humans. In light of such a possibility, the American Alternative Employment Program ( – or “AAEP” – is stepping up to provide solutions.

During the industrial revolution, machines started replacing human workers for large-scale manufacturing tasks which made quite a stir among factory employees in those days. It was then that people started to fear the possibility of humans becoming obsolete in certain fields.

However, it turned out that the use of machinery then created more jobs than it destroyed, with the internet age even opening new doors for commerce and employment. This time though, it would seem that the situation is as night and day compared to the past.

Robot waiters and bellhops are just two examples of how the service industry can now be potentially taken over by machines but it doesn’t stop there. Even the livelihood of those in the medical profession is in jeopardy since machines that can carry out surgical procedures as well as administer sedatives are now currently being used.

This threat only adds to the still-problematic job climate that plagues the US market where most of the employment numbers added are in industries where machines would more commonly used. Even economy experts are getting concerned about the situation, and they are usually the first to defend the use of machines for business.

“This is the biggest challenge of our society for the next decade,” said Erik Brynjolfsson, an MIT economist.

The AAEP means to provide the solution ( to said challenge right now by giving people employment opportunities that could lead to more lucrative wages and better job security than would have been available to them in other avenues. It would also appear that the types of work being offered are less likely to be replaced by machines – at least for the time being.

What a lot of folks might also find appealing with regards to their offers is the lack of advanced experience or expertise requirements. Since having neither of those aspects can be cause for rejection for many job hunters in most places, it would certainly seem that AAEP is providing safe haven for struggling work candidates.

About American Alternative Employment Program

American Alternative Employment Program (AAEP) came about as a response to the current economic issues that make job hunting difficult for many people. By offering alternative employment options ( to a struggling demographic, AAEP aims to help job seekers earn comfortable wages and long-term job security.

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