Reviews Tell All – Customers Believe These Paintbrushes Are Worth It

Looks Like Quality Makes All The Difference In Artist Paintbrush Sets
Reviews Tell All - Customers Believe These Paintbrushes Are Worth It
Reviews Tell All - Customers Believe These Paintbrushes Are Worth It

January 31, 2015 – San Diego, Califorina (BLUEPLANET) — Fine Art Brushes appears to be giving their customers a great experience with their 24 piece artist paintbrush set. This company is getting 5 star reviews and excellent feedback ( on Amazon over the short time that they've been selling their paintbrushes on the web. With online reviews having such and impact on businesses these days it looks like they must be doing something right.

The Paintbrush Kit ( comes with a variety of long handle brushes suitable for acrylic, watercolor and oil painting tucked in a sleek canvas carrying case that rolls up neatly. Customers seem to be liking this feature with comments like, "The canvas carrying bag makes for a nice, easily stored, compact case". As for the quality here's some of what is being said, "Wonderful quality that are beautifully set in a handy canvas carry case" and "High quality at affordable prices".

The set of paintbrushes includes both nylon and bristle brushes in varying sizes that can be used on brush work ranging from intricate details to full backgrounds. And based on some customer feedback the brushes seem to be appropriate for various skill levels as one customer noted, "This 24 piece brush set is a must for any artist – amateur, aspiring, professional, student – you name it".

The delivery speed of the product also looks like it's holding up to customer needs as another stated, "My beautiful new paintbrushes arrived sooner than expected and they are exactly what I wanted and more" and "Received my brushes quickly in the mail".

With high quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship of their product, the common problems artists are faced with such as overpriced low quality paintbrushes that shed their bristles don't appear to be a factor here with this paintbrush set from Fine Art Brushes. They even back their sales with a no-hassle return policy and an above the industry standard guarantee.

About Fine Art Brushes

Based in Southern California, Fine Art Brushes is family owned and operated and has the vision of making high quality art products, this paintbrush set ( was created with the goal of meeting and surpassing the industry standard in paintbrushes, while making it affordable and available to everyone, from those first exploring the world of painting to the serious professional who demands certain standards in their craft.

With a philosophy trenched in quality counts Fine Art Brushes materials would not be compromised, so too its assembly, and the results speak for themselves as everything made by Fine Art Brushes is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee! Fine Art Brushes is excited to bring a new standard of quality to the scene.



Grand Opening Sale On The EpicBelle Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook Set Slated To End

EpicBelle Encourages Those Who Want To Take Advantage Of The Grand Opening Sale To Visit Today To Complete Their Purchases, As The Introductory Pricing Will Not Be Offered Once The Sale Ends.
Grand Opening Sale On The EpicBelle Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook Set Slated To End
Grand Opening Sale On The EpicBelle Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook Set Slated To End

January 31, 2015 – Houston, Texas (BLUEPLANET) — EpicBelle, the makers of the new Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook Set offered on, have announced the end date of their introductory sale pricing.

The Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook Set ( was added to the inventory of and made available for sale to the public on January 25th. To celebrate the release of the new product, EpicBelle offered the 9pcs crochet hook set at a reduced price of $10.00. The Grand Opening Sale has been running on ever since and will be ending on January 31st .

With a total of nine crochet hooks included in the set, the special offer from EpicBelle offers real value for Amazon customers and provides an opportunity to benefit from the unique design of the company's Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hooks. These crochet hooks differ from standard hooks in the innovative design of their handles. A specially contoured shape allows for a firm, comfortable grip on the crochet hooks with less risk of finger pain and strain. The handles are also designed not to slip or stick to make it much easier for crocheters ( to complete their work. The set provides nine standard hook sizes, and each hook has a different colored handle to make it easy to retrieve the right tool for any task.

At the conclusion of the Grand Opening Sale on January 31st, the Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hook Set will go up in price from $10.00 to $21.97. EpicBelle encourages those who want to take advantage of the Grand Opening Sale to visit today to complete their purchases, as the introductory pricing will not be offered once the sale ends.

About EpicBelle Crochet Hooks

EpicBelle brings high quality, innovative supplies and tools for crafting to customers at competitive pricing. Launching their business with the introduction of Ergonomic Grip Crochet Hooks, the company seeks to offer arts and crafts products that are economical, easy to use and uniquely designed.

The company is based in Houston, Texas, and was founded in 2014. Dedicated to providing superior customer service, EpicBelle offers products for sale online through trusted third-party retail sites. Products are backed by lifetime guarantees as a testament to their quality ( (

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